Rosanne Poe, PsyD

Rosanne Poe, PsyD

As a clinical psychologist, I work from the assumption that we all have within us what we need in order to heal and thrive. Depending on the assessment, when working collaboratively to understand the nature of the problem at hand, I usually work first from a practical level. This involves using cognitive-behavioral and Mindfulness approaches and a Family Systems and psychodynamic model. This work may deepen further toward a more internal, personal level, through use of dreams (from a Jungian perspective) and sometimes Sand Play (which involves use of miniatures representing a multitude of experiences, positioning them in a tray of sand).

I work with individuals and couples regarding a variety of challenges. In a very fast- paced time of growth and change, I enjoy working with adolescents as they learn to make better sense of themselves and their lives, while working through difficult thoughts and emotions. As a Registered Play Therapist and Supervisor, through the Association for Play Therapy, I have specialized training working with children, who tend to gravitate immediately to the Sand Play or play therapy materials in the room. Children do much of their communicating and emotional work through their use of play. Parents are collaborators in the process toward identifying their children’s strengths along with their concerns for them, and how they can best support and maintain their child’s well being.

Each person is unique and I anticipate and enjoy building a relationship with them that assumes collaboration; we work together toward discovery of the client’s unique personal perspective and building on that toward more permanent ways they can adapt and thrive.


To schedule an appointment with Rosanne Poe please contact her at [email protected].

Provider location: Works out of Layton Ave office only. Also offers telehealth appointments.