Paul Smerz, Ph.D.

Paul Smerz, Ph.D.

I am a clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst with over 30 years of experience. I believe that a good psychologist not only helps to resolve the problems that brought you to treatment, but also develops a deeper awareness of you as an individual and collaborates with you to develop a plan for continued growth that reflects your life-long plans, goals and undeveloped parts of yourself. To that end, I strive to facilitate an experience for you of transformational change in those aspects of your life that are most meaningful to you, including your inner life, relationships, spiritual beliefs, career, and perspective on the world.

My treatment approach is primarily depth-oriented and psychoanalytical (Jungian), meaning that I focus not only on your outer life, but also on your inner life that has not yet been accessed consciously. However, I may also use alternative modalities depending on your problems and needs. These may include cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness, existential, systems-based and health-related practices. In addition to using those interventions that have been found to be effective in resolving the initial and most problematic issues that brought you into therapy, I also use methods that facilitate the development of a deeper conscious awareness of yourself, and often use dreams, journaling, art, typology and other kinds of inner work that promote heightened self-awareness and deeper insight.

I work primarily with adults, couples and families presenting with a variety of mental health and relationship issues, including anxiety, depression, stress, health problems, substance abuse and addictions, and other crises that may come along in life. I also specialize in couples and marital therapy to help effectively manage conflict, enhance attachment, and bring about a transformational relationship with one’s partner.

I have found that sometimes the most difficult aspect of therapy comes with the decision to set up an appointment. Quite often a crisis or moment of insight that informs you that something has to change in your life may be a catalyst for making the call. It may be wise to honor that moment and contact me for an appointment. While the process that follows may not always be easy, it will bring change and hopefully more peace, acceptance, and meaning into your life.


To schedule an appointment with Paul Smerz please contact him at [email protected].

Provider location: Works out of both locations. Also offers telehealth appointments.