Elizabeth Pequet

Elizabeth Pequet, LMFT

There are times in our lives when we feel lost, trapped or unable to find peace in our daily routine. We try to cope and find solace, but may end up feeling even more defeated. While it may feel impossible at times, I believe we all have immense strength and resilience to find our way. In order to find that inner strength, I believe it is essential to discover what is causing the trapped feelings and symptoms. Through this uncovering, we can start our journey of healing and growth.

It can be helpful to explore the underlying symptoms through what is going on in our mind and our bodies. Through this, I facilitate in bringing a deeper understanding to the what and why these thoughts and feelings are all consuming. Through gaining a deeper understanding of thoughts, feelings and patterns, I support the process in developing a mind-body connection to create self awareness and personal growth.

As a clinician, I find the therapeutic relationship to be the top priority. I want clients to be able to feel safe and comfortable talking through things that may feel terrifying, uncomfortable or hard to share. I provide a non-judgmental , validating, and strengths based environment to facilitate hope and healing. While we work through issues and symptoms that are rooted in the present and past, I offer a space to work at your own pace uncovering these thoughts and feelings. When it is appropriate, I offer space to challenge thought patterns that are no longer serving you. In sessions, I empower and assist clients to see growth and change in their lives is possible with work in and outside of session.

I work through a variety of different approaches in my therapy sessions and cater it to what is the best fit for the client and their needs. My main specialty is with Family Systems where I work with individuals, families and couple to explore all aspects of their system outside just themselves. Other modalities include solution focused, Gottman Method for couples, emotionally focused, person centered, mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral therapy and Trauma Focused Cognitive- Behavioral Therapy. I provide a space of compassion, support and guidance throughout my therapy sessions.

I provide therapy to individuals, families and couples. I work with adolescents 12+ and adults. I am a level 2 certified Gottman Method Therapist for couples. My other areas of focus include anxiety, depression, family conflict, relational issues, trauma and life transitions.

There is a great importance in finding a therapist that you believe is going to be the best fit to help you along your journey of healing and personal growth. Please reach out if you feel we may be a good fit and if you have any questions.

Additional Specialty:

I am a 200 hr Certified Yoga Teacher and incorporate the mind-body connection in my sessions. I utilizing deep breathing exercises, meditation and connecting movement to breath. I find it helpful to be self aware of how are thoughts are connected to our physical being. This connection can help in assisting being more present. Through being more present, it allows for helpful tools on the journey of personal growth.

To schedule an appointment with Elizabeth Pequet please contact her at [email protected].