Alexa Moulopoulos

Alexa Moulopoulos, PsyD

Hardship in life may be inevitable, but emotional turmoil does not have to be. There are times we exhaust our skills and resources in trying to cope with such difficulties, which may leave you feeling stuck and overwhelmed. When given the space and support, I firmly believe each person has the ability to become “unstuck” in order to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

At times like these, increasing self-awareness can help us get unstuck, and lead to personal growth and self-acceptance. I strive to help you develop effective skills in symptom management as well as facilitate deeper exploration of the underlying “roots” that gave rise to your symptoms.

By prioritizing a strong therapeutic relationship characterized by a sense of warmth, safety, and understanding, I provide you with opportunities to explore the intersection of the past and present on your current understanding of yourself and your problems. We then use this deeper awareness to explore flexible and creative ways to move through these problems. I also aim to create a therapy space that feels supportive, collaborative, and empowering to help increase self-awareness and promote change and growth that extends beyond therapy.

My integrative approach draws from several theories and orientations, which allows me to remain open and flexible in modifying the treatment plan based on each person’s specific strengths and needs. Some of the modalities I incorporate are person-centered, psychodynamic, interpersonal process, emotion-focused, and mindfulness. I also enjoy bringing curiosity, laughter, authenticity, and compassion into sessions with clients.

I provide individual therapy to adults age 18+. I have a special interest and extensive experience working with college populations, both traditional and non-traditional students. My areas of clinical focus include anxiety, trauma, grief and loss, identity development, life transitions, adjustment issues, disordered eating, depression, family conflict, boundaries, and relational stress.

As therapy tends to be a deeply personal experience, it is important to find a therapist that you connect with and who can match your unique needs. If you believe we might be a good fit to work together, please feel free to contact me.

Additional Specialty:

Psychological Assessments: I specialize in psychological testing for children and teens ages 6 to 16. Given all the changes in the school environment due to the pandemic, I realize your children may be struggling with returning to school and learning issues may be emerging. Psychological testing can help address questions or concerns about learning difficulties, behavioral problems, social or emotional challenges, or intellectual development. Assessments can also assist with clarifying diagnoses and/or providing treatment recommendations to other providers (i.e., psychiatrists, physicians, therapists, school counselors).

To schedule an appointment with Alexa Moulopoulos please contact her at

Provider location: Works out of Northshore office only. Also offers telehealth appointments.