Medical Psychology Associates' Services

We have two types of services available.

Individual Psychotherapy

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  • Recent Events – such as loss and mourning, loss of job, Separation and Divorce
  • Ongoing Challenges – Anxiety, Depression, Self-Esteem, Stress, Social and Relationship Difficulties, Marital and Family Conflicts
  • Specific Issues – Life Changes/Transitions (Job, Relationship, Retirement), Women’s/Men’s Issues, Parenting, Anger Management, Occupational Stress, Gay and Lesbian Issues, Sexual Intimacy
  • Health Problems – Acute/Chronic Pain, Chronic Illness, Sleep Difficulties
  • Developmental Disabilities
  • ADD/ADHD and Academic Learning Difficulties
  • Addictions (Alcohol/Drug, Gambling, Sex)

Psychotherapy with Couples

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  • Improve communication skills through exercises that address specific issues
  • Uncover the historical expectations, good and bad, that are brought into the relationship
  • Identify the destructive patterns that result from the combination of each partner’s unconscious blocks
  • Observe and detach from the destructive expectations and patterns in the here- and-now of the therapeutic session