Image of Janelle Clark

Janelle Clark, M.A., LPC

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I help individuals make sense of the psychosocial, emotional, and health challenges that they may be facing. It is typically after individuals have attempted to cope with issues on their own, and have exhausted their coping resources, that they seek additional support through counseling. I attempt to foster a nurturing and supportive environment where the individual can feel free to explore new opportunities for personal and emotional growth through effective problem solving, education, improved stress management, and coping skills. I feel the needs of each individual help define the treatment used, but often incorporate a cognitive behavioral approach and mindfulness or other relaxation techniques. Together, the goal is to reduce suffering and improve one’s self-esteem, self-concept, and self-worth for improved functioning and enhanced interpersonal relationships at home, work, or school.

I have 20 years of experience and am comfortable seeing a variety of clients including those experiencing anxiety, depression, chronic pain conditions, PTSD, grief issues, and trauma. I welcome the opportunity to work with children over age 6, adolescents, and adults.